Administrative Departments

Administrative departments and services (administrative bodies) have been established in the county in order to carry out the self-administration of counties as the local (regional) self-government, as well as other duties in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Administrative bodies establishment in paragraph 1 of this article regulate the County Council by special resolution.

Administrative bodies are governed by Heads who are named by the prefect on the basis of a public tender.

The Prefect may dismiss a Head for reasons stated by the law.

(Statute of Split-Dalmatia County ("Official Gazette of the Split-Dalmatia County", number 11/09, 7/10  , 10/10, 2/13)

Administrative bodies are established to perform self governing activities in the county, as well as jobs assigned to them by the local governments and the state administration according to the regulations in place. The administrative bodies carry out their tasks in accordance with the schedule and the volume of work, while maintaining organizational cohesion and affinities, and doing quality work as well as successfully managing their work and responsibilities.

Administrative bodies perform activities of self-jurisdiction of the county at the seat of the county in Split.

Outside the seat of the county, branch offices may be established in municipalities and cities as internal units of the governing body.

The Prefect organized Internal Audit Service, that for his work directly response to the Prefect.

The county governing bodies are established as follows:

  1. The Prefect Office,
  2. County Secretariat,
  3. Administrative department of Social activities,
  4. Administrative department of General administrative and technical services,
  5. Administrative department of Public utilities, Infrastructure and Environmental protection,
  6. Administrative department of Tourism and Maritime affairs,
  7. Administrative department of Construction and Physical planning,
  8. Administrative department of Economy, EU funds and Agriculture,
  9. Administrative department of Finances.

(Decision on the structure and scope of the labor of administrative departments and services of Split-Dalmatia County ("Official Gazette of the Split-Dalmatia County", No. 46/15)