Scope of work

Administrative department of Economy, EU funds and Agriculture

Administrative department of Economy, EU funds and Agriculture performs administrative and other expert tasks, it considers the situation in the segments of economy, EU funds programming, agriculture, rural development, fishing, hunting, energy sector and traffic, innovations and IT technologies.

It draws reports, expert analyses, proposals and drafts of relevant documents and by-laws, within the competence of administrative body, aiming at improving economic and more uniform development of the County.

The Administrative department also deals with jobs and tasks related to membership rights in the commercial companies and institutions, proposing measures to ensure good governance in these companies and institutions.

It, furthermore, issues decrees upon appeals lodged by legal and physical persons against decrees issued by local administration units in matter of water resources management and water resources development fee, according to the powers prescribed by the laws regulating the subject issues.

It monitors the realisation of the budget revenues from its competence and undertakes measures for their enforced collection.Monitors and participates in the implementation of EU projects within the scope of its competence.