Scope of work

Administrative department of Finances

Administrative department of Finances performs administrative, expert tasks and analyses in elaboration, monitoring and realisation of the budget, it monitors and coordinates realisation of the budget revenues, participates in the implementation of the enforced collection proceedings, audits the utilisation of budget resources and undertakes the substantial control of the statements on fiscal responsibility of commercial companies and institutions constituted/co-owned by the County, coordinates the implementation of financial management and control in the implementation of the regulations on fiscal liability.

It issues decrees upon appeals lodged by parties against decrees issued by local administration units in communal fiscal matters for such local administration units that do not have contracts with the relevant Tax administration.

This department is assigned the tasks of public procurement for all administrative bodies, pursuant to their plans; such as preparation and elaboration of the integrated public procurement plan, integrated approach and methodology of procurement, public procurement procedure in conformity with the planned funding, decree on procedure start-up, stipulation of public procurement contracts with the selected bidders, execution control, minutes on public procurement service, and elaboration of respective reports.

Monitors and participates in the implementation of EU projects within the scope of its competence.