Scope of work

County secretariat

County Secretariat prepares proposals and drafts of documents for the Prefect and County assembly, it performs regulatory-legal, analytical, information-documentary and expert work related to the activities of Prefect and County assembly.

It is assigned legal, expert and administrative-office tasks dealing with organization of the sessions of County assembly, preparation, elaboration, delivery and archiving of documents adopted at County assembly, expert and administrative tasks related to the activities of work bodies of County assembly, provision of legal and other expert help to the councillors of County assembly.

The Secretariat follows up and monitors normative-technical elaboration of drafts of proposals and proposals of general and specific documents of the other administrative bodies of the County for the Prefect and County assembly, it cooperates with the other County administrative bodies, with state administration authorities, other units of regional and local administration within the County, aimed at more successful realisation of the program of work of County assembly.

The Secretariat publishes the documents enacted by Prefect and County assembly in the Official Gazette of the County.

The Secretariat also deals with the issues related to the realization of the right to access to information, in compliance with the laws.