County Assembly

  • adopts County Statute,
  • adopts Rules of Procedure,
  • adopts Agenda,
  • adopts decisions and other general acts that regulate matters of County’s self-governance scope,
  • adopts Budget, makes decisions on Budget execution and annual reports on County’s Budget,
  • elects and suspends County Assembly President and Vice-president,
  • adopts decision on cooperation with local and regional self-governance units of other states in accordance with the law in force and this Statute,
  • adopts decisions on issuing county rewards and various other public recognitions,
  • establishes working bodies,
  • considers and decides on reports on various issues from county prefect’s scope if he/she asks for such actions,
  • levies a referendum on suspension of county prefect and prefect deputies in accordance with the law in force,
  • adopts decisions on acquisitions and seizures of County’s real estate and moveable assets whose total values exceed 0.5%, i.e., whose individual value exceeds a value of HRK 1,000,000.00 (one million), without receiving valuation gains in the year preceding the year in which the decision on acquisitions and seizures of real estate and moveable assets is being adopted,
  • adopts decisions on sponsorships,
  • regulates the structure and scope of the County’s governing bodies,
  • establishes public institutions and other legal entities that perform economic, social, communal and other functions that are of interest to the County,
  • performs various other tasks placed under its scope in accordance with the law in force, or in this Statute or any other ordinance.

County Assembly has 51 members elected in a manner and proceedings defined by the law in force.