President of County Assembly

Petroslav Sapunar
  • President of County Assembly: PETROSLAV SAPUNAR
    Split, Domovinskog rata 2/V
  • Phone number: 021/400-251
  • Fax: 021/348-615

Personal information

Born on August 11, 1959, married, father of two children.


  • finished elementary school in Solin;
  • finished Mechanical and Process Engineering High School in Split, credentialed as mechanical technician;
  • graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Zadar, certified as a manufacturing-technical education professor.

Professional experience

  • elementary school and high school teacher – 3 years (1984 – 1987);
  • worked for Dalmacijacement Company, Auditors’ Centre, for 4 years (1987 – 1994);
  • worked for Kerum Company, technical director, 10 years;
  • currently working for Diokom Novi Company, owner and director since 2006.

Political career

  • 2009 – Vice President of Croatian Civic Party;
  • 2009 – President of the County Assembly for Split-Dalmatia County (2009 – 2013);
  • 2013 – President of the County Assembly for Split-Dalmatia County.

Other activities

  • Former active athlete, played basketball for 15 years;
  • City of Solin, named best athlete in 1988;
  • Basketball coach for 4 years;
  • Sport Director of the Solin Basketball Club (10 years)
  • President of the Supervisory Board of HNK “Hadjuk” from Split (2009 – 2011);
  • President of the Organizing Committee for the 100-years Celebration of HNK “Hajduk”;
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of HNK “Hajduk.”

Councillor mandate

Pursuant to Article 6 of the County Assembly Rules on Procedures, the councillor’s mandate in County Assembly is constituted as follows:

At the 2nd County Assembly session on July 26, 2013, upon the examination of delivered documents, the Mandate Committee determined that Councillor Goran Dodig informed the President of the Assembly via memo dated on July 25, 2013 regarding his decision to temporarily suspend his mandate due to personal reasons. A party coalition consisting of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), the Croatian Pure Party of Rights (HČSP), the Croatian Party of Rights Ante Starčević (HSP AS), the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS), the Croatian Demo-Christian Party (HDS) and the Croatian Party of Pensioners (BUZ), pursuant to the agreement, appointed Petar Kaćunko as its member in the County Assembly. The decision on the matter was received on July 25, 2013. It was determined that on July 26, 2013 the mandate of councillor GORAN DODIG was terminated and on the same day a mandate of councillor PETAR KAĆUNKO was put in force.

At the 3rd County Assembly session on September 16, 2013, the mandate of Councillor MARIN BABAROVIĆ, pursuant to the provisions of Article 7 of the Law on Election of Members of Representative Bodies of Local and Territorial (regional) Self-Government, was terminated on September 12, 2013. Pursuant to the same Law, on the day of September 13, 2013, ANTE BAČIĆ was appointed as a councillor to the County Assembly of Split-Dalmatia County.